Bioresonance therapy

The bioresonance therapy (Greek bios=life, Latin resonare= resonate) is a regulatory therapy that is intended to strengthen the body's own regulatory and self-healing powers.
In 1975 science succeeded in detecting photons, i.e. light is emitted from individual living cells. This in turn means that life has to do with vibrations. These new physical principles led to the development of bioresonance therapy/Diagnostics.
It was founded in the 1970s by the doctor Franz Morell and the electrical engineer Erich Rasche.

Bio-resonance is used today for diagnostic purposes as well as for therapy. Using different test kits, it is possible, for example, to test which organ is pathologically altered.
During therapy, pathologically altered "signal inputs" are then returned to the animal "mirror-inverted" via electrodes. The idea is to neutralize the diseased oscillations and thus allow the organism to recover.
For the patient this therapy is without any stress.

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