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Emergency service

Generally speaking:

There is no general definition for an emergency. Contact us if your animal is in danger of life, e.g. due to a car accident or a strong deterioration of the general condition within a short time. Bleeding wounds or severe pain or poisoning of the animal are also an emergency. Please remember that during emergency service hours at night and on weekends, there are fewer vets and emergency staff on site and waiting times may occur.

Please understand that there is no time in the emergency service for treatments that can also be transferred to normal consultation hours.

Then the Small Animal Center-Durlach and the veterinarians Karlsbad are the right place for you!

We have service for you 365 days a year in the time between 7.00 and 22.00 o'clock.

What's the emergency?

  • if your rabbit is lying on its side gasping for air - then this is an extreme emergency
  • if your cat has been trying to urinate for a few hours or days and it only drips or it doesn't come at all? Then this is an extreme emergency for our emergency service in Karlsruhe!
  • if your dog repeatedly takes up the prayer position and obviously has stomach ache and belongs to breeds that are in danger of getting a stomach twist (Weimaraner, Shepherds etc.) - then this is an extreme emergency for our emergency service!
  • if your animal has had diarrhoea for three days and it is 9.30 pm on Saturday night, then unfortunately this is not an emergency

In case of emergency of your animal, please always call one of the mentioned telephone numbers first, so that your case can be coordinated in the best possible way!

You live in Karlsruhe or in the district of Karlsruhe?

Then our small animal centre in Karlsruhe-Durlach, Bergwaldstr. 30, 76227 Karlsruhe is the right place for you:

Here you can reach us in case of emergency in the emergency service from 07.00-22.00 o'clock on 365 days under

Phone 0721 750 88610

You live in Bad Herrenalb, Karlsbad, Pforzheim, Straubenhardt, Waldbronn, Karlsruhe-Stupferich or Ettlingen?

Then our practice in Karlsbad-Ittersbach, Lange Str. 19, 76307 Karlsbad (directly next to the church) is the right place.

You can reach us in case of an emergency in the emergency service from 07.00-22.00 o'clock on 365 days under

Phone 07248 4222

In the emergency service, the new fee regulation of February 2020 applies - more information on this can be found at: https://doc4pets.de/neue-notdienstverordnung-gebuehren-ab-januar-2020/

Outside these times you can reach the central emergency service for the Karlsruhe district at Tel. 0721 49 55 66

Animal taxi in emergency service

You have to go to the vet in an emergency but you don't have a car? Then the animal taxi is the right solution for you:
The Tiertaxizentrale.de serves 7 days / 24h a week the following areas:

Pet taxi rides in the city and district of Karlsruhe, Bruchsal, Stutensee, Achern, Au am Rhein, Bad - Schönborn, Bad - Herrenalb, Baden-Baden, Bellheim, Bietigheim, Birkenfeld, Bischweier, Bretten, Bühl, Bühlertal, Calw, Dobel, Durmersheim, Eggenstein, Elchesheim - Illingen, Engelsbrand, Ettlingen, Forbach, Gaggenau, Germersheim, Gernsbach, Graben - Neudorf, Höfen, Heidelberg, Hoffenheim, Hügelsheim, Iffezheim, Kämpfelbach, Kandel, Karlsbad, Kehl, Keltern, Kirrlach, Königsbach - Stein, Kraichtal, Kuppenheim, Landau,Loffenau, Malsch, Mannheim, Marxzell, Muggensturm, Mühlacker, Neuenbürg, Oberkirch, Offenburg, Ötigheim, Pfinztal, Pforzheim, Rastatt, Renchen, Rheinau, Rheinstetten, Rülzheim, Sinzheim, Speyer, Steinmauern, Straubenhardt, Ubstadt - Weiher, Waldbronn, Weingarten, Weisenbach, Wiesloch, Wildbad, Willstätt, Wörth,...

You can reach the pet taxi under the following telephone number: 015204335781

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