Just as in human medicine, the number of dermatological diseases in animal patients is increasing. Allergies in particular are on the rise. These manifest themselves particularly through itching and reddening of the skin.

The diagnosis requires a detailed anamnesis, i.e. a thorough preliminary report, in order to then diagnose the disease with appropriate means. In addition to contact samples for the detection of certain parasites (e.g. mites in rabbits or guinea pigs), skin scales and hair for fungal cultures are often required. Less frequently, we have to take a biopsy, i.e. a skin sample, under sedation.

A very detailed anamnesis is especially important in the field of dermatology. So we will always ask questions like these: When did the skin problem begin? Where did it start? Is there a seasonal reference? Is the itching more or less pronounced? Are other animals or even people in the household affected?

Often, in addition to conventional medical measures, alternative medical measures can also be used - please also contact our expert Dr. Krause. The right diet can also help a lot - Mrs. TÄ Schmidt will be happy to inform you about this.

Plan for these dates just as much time as we do, so that we can help your quadruped in a targeted manner.


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