Nutritional advice

Nutrition is an important issue for maintaining health not only for us humans but also for our pets.

Animals also react more and more frequently to different feeds with intolerances/allergies, which can manifest themselves very differently.
Chronic diseases also require a special diet to relieve the body.

We advise you on feed allergies, feed intolerances and special organ-related diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes or even liver and pancreas diseases.

You will also receive support from us in feeding pregnant animals, puppies and obese (too fat) animals.

Because this topic is very important to us, we have also worked on the development of our own dog food. This has been developed to food standard, i.e. without animal by-products and unhealthy additives and only with domestic products.

Contact us, we will be happy to inform you or develop a special diet for your darling with you!


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