A high-resolution ultrasound device of the latest generation of the brand esaote (MyLab Six) with a corresponding number of different probes for pets up to the Great Dane with the different possibilities of Doppler sonography with digital archiving possibility for images and video sequences gives us excellent diagnostic possibilities.

The various transducers are mainly used for the examination of the abdominal organs and the heart, but it is also possible to examine the muscles and the eyes.

Imaging examinations of the abdominal cavity are an important diagnostic aid, especially for questions of internal medicine. The examination can be performed on almost all animals without anaesthesia or other preparatory measures. Further reasons for abdominal ultrasound examinations are the exclusion of internal injuries after accidents, clarification of fluid accumulation in the abdominal or thoracic cavity, severe abdominal pain, unclear increase in abdominal girth, etc.

The sonography ideally complements the X-ray examination if necessary.

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