In addition to extensive diagnostic possibilities by means of computer tomography (CT), digital X-ray and ultrasound, we also offer the resulting comprehensive surgical care with corresponding post-operative inpatient treatment. You can find an overview of our surgical services here:

Bone surgery (osteosynthesis)

The most common reason for these operations is bone fractures:

  1. Plate Osteosynthesis
    With angular stable locking system
  2. Intramedullary nailing
    Stabilization of the fractured bone by means of a steel nail inserted into the medullary cavity.
  3. External fixator
    External splinting of the bone using drill wires inserted through the skin, which are connected externally with joint rods

Examples of joint operations:

Soft Tissue Surgery


  • Wound care, wound revision, skin flap plastics, reconstructive surgery, tumour extirpation


  • Othaematoma, auditory canal ablation, bullaosteotomy


  • ankyloblepharone, distitirpation of the bulbus, distichiasis, ectropion, entropion, fixation of the prolapsed nictitating gland, corneal suture, nictitating apron, tarsorrhapy, trichiasis

frontal, nasal and oral cavity

  • Endodontic treatments, cleft palate closure, gingivectomy,
  • Mandibulectomy, maxillillolectomy, nosectomy,
  • oronasal fistula - plastic closure, therapeutic options for brachycephalic syndrome, treatment of fractures, dislocations, symphysiolyses


  • Bite/stick injuries, laryngeal paralysis, meliceris, thyroidectomy, tracheotomy/tracheeostomy


  • Hernia peritoneo-pericardialis, pulmonary lobe resections, esophagotomy, pericardiocentesis, thoracotomy, thoracic drainage, diaphragmatic hernia, diaphragmatic rupture

Gastrointestinal tract

  • Colopexy, enterectomy, enterotomy, gastrectomy, gastropexy, gastrotomy, insertion of a gastric tube, application, serosal patching,
    Torsio Ventriculi (rotation of the stomach)
  • Anus, perineum, spleen, liver, gall bladder and pancreas
  • Anal bag resection, cholecystectomy, cholecystotomy, hernia perinealis, liver flap resection, splenic extirpation, pancreatic abscess (omentalisation), pancreatectomy, perianal fistulas, perianal tumours


Urogenital system and abdomen

  • Hernias, castration, cryptorchidism (inguinal, abdominal), mastectomy, nephrectomy, nephrotomy, kidney biopsy, ovariectomy/ovariohysterectomy, penile amputation, prostate diseases, pyometra (uterine infection), caesarean section, urethrostomy, urethrotomy, cystotomy
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