In the southwest of Karlsruhe, bordering on Daxlanden and Mühlburg, lies Grünwinkel. Grünwinkel goes back to "Kregen Winkel", a 100-acre farm, which was first mentioned in 1468 in a margravial interest book. In 1597, a good 100 years later, the estate was described as "Kreenwinckel" farm and inn. In the eighteenth century, a workers' colony was formed on the former estate and these were given 80 acres of land by contract from Bulach and Daxlanden - from which an independent village with its own district emerged in 1784. By the twentieth century the population of Grünwinkel had increased to 2022 and became a district of Karlsruhe.

After incorporation, a further expansion of the district followed, which led to a significant increase in population - including the increase in the area. Grünwinkel is easy to reach thanks to good transport connections and offers various recreational opportunities in the Alb. After the closure of the Karlsruhe-Forchheim commercial airport and the new Karlsruhe trade fair centre, an annoying source of noise has been eliminated. A valued characteristic is living close to nature. The "d' Badisch Bühn" is a dialect theatre which is known far beyond Grünwinkel and Karlsruhe and is therefore a special feature of Grünwinkel.

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