The youngest district of Karlsruhe is Nordstadt, which was only created in 1996 by merging already inhabited parts of Weststadt and a residential area of the American armed forces. The withdrawal of military units from the "American settlement" on Erzbergerstraße was the trigger for this. Together with the somewhat older Hardtwaldsiedlung, both quarters form the new district. This extends north of Moltkestraße, between Adenauerring and the municipal clinic to the Neureut district, including the nature reserve
"Alter Flugplatz". Since the existence of this district, the residents have always been involved in shaping the surrounding area. It is to remain largely free of commercial use. Existing facilities are not considered a nuisance. With almost 2000 students, the Karlsruhe University of Cooperative Education has found adequate location conditions here.

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