The idea of a new district in the north-eastern Hardtwald came in the 1950s and 1960s, as the number of inhabitants of Karlsruhe and the resulting demand for living space rose sharply. The first sod was turned in 1957 and the first residents moved in in 1958. Thus the Waldstadt of today was created. The Waldstadt can be reached with line four of the Karlsruhe city railways, which ended at the "Jägerhaus" at that time. Today the line extends to the Europaviertel.

The development brought new housing possibilities for single-family and terraced houses, new schools of all kinds - including the European School and the Waldorf School. In addition to these, various sports facilities and the fan bath were also built. The Waldstadt was designed for 25,000 inhabitants, currently about 12,000, and in the short term a settlement for more than 35,000 people was planned in Blankenloch. The hoped-for population growth failed to materialise and declined significantly, so the planned apartments were of no further use. It took about 30 years until the Waldstadt received its own centre. The built Waldstadt centre has firmly developed into a popular meeting place in the district and today it is impossible to imagine life without it. Despite the somewhat troubled past history of the district, the residents appreciate their Waldstadt. A theatre serves as a place of interest: the Owls. The Owls resides in Königsberger Straße and was founded by the former track and field athlete "Charly" Kaufmann.

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