New: Video consultation hour

Dear patient owners,

the situation is coming to a head. As the infections spread, the risk of infection increases - not only among the population, but especially among us and our team. After all, we are the ones who are in close physical contact with (potentially) infected people during the medical treatment of your darling. The Robert Koch Institute therefore recommends that, if an infection is suspected, contact with other people be reduced to the bare minimum. The risk of infecting others is too great.

The solution: use video consultation

To care for the darlings of these (potentially) infected or sick patients, video communication, as described in our blog, is a simple and above all safe solution for all parties. By using video communication we can also treat animals of owners in quarantine and at the same time protect ourselves from infection. The small animal center Arndt therefore offers you a VIDEO CONSULTANCY HOUR in this acute crisis situation. The solution was provided to our team and is ready for use. The only requirement for you is the installation of the mentioned apps on your mobile phone.

For existing customers we can offer a video consultation hour - i.e. you have the possibility to ask questions via Google Hangout (what this is and how much it costs will follow immediately) Problems or potential illnesses with your pet without having to come to the surgery beforehand via video chat to a vet.

You only need to have a mobile phone (Android or iOS) and install the following app

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Appointment registration for the video consultation hour:

Now you can make an appointment request here - please use the name of the patient's owner, which is stored in our files. And please also use the email you used to install the Google Hangout App.

We will confirm the appointment by email and then call you via Google Hangout at the email address provided. Please be available on the mobile phone on which Google Hangout is installed for the video consultation.

The call via internet - depending on your internet access - is usually free of charge - only the veterinary consultation is charged as shown above:

Appointment with Dr. Horst-Dieter Krause:

Please select an appointment with Dr. Krause only if you are already a regular customer of his.


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