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Due to our daily practice routine, our company doc4pets has launched a free online platform - - the digital animal health record.

What's it for?

Often, patient owners come to us with their pets in an emergency - often with extensive previous illnesses - without having any information about the previous illnesses or medication. This is a pity, because in an acute emergency, we lose time which can cost animal lives. Here steps in - you can deposit all your medical records including X-rays and laboratory reports yourself or have the vet of your choice deposit them here.

Through our smart access system there is also the possibility to help quickly, for example by finding something. How? uses the chip number of your dog or cat as a unique user name. Any vet can read this number with a chip reader. The password is then the call name of the animal. After reading out the microchip, the vet can find out your pet's call name via (if you have registered your pet there, which you should!). With these two pieces of information he can now log on to and retrieve the data stored there. If you wish, this data will of course remain anonymous.

Who can store data?

You first of all! Of course you can also give the veterinarians who care for your pet access to your pet's account. Just as you wish.

Which data should I store?

Of course you could put the complete life of your dog or cat here. It is sufficient, however, if you file the last three current statuses, for example, so that you have an up-to-date overview of your animal.

What other advantages does the digital medical record have for your pet?

In addition to the above-mentioned emergencies, the digital medical record is also a helpful and uncomplicated basis for referrals from one vet to another or for obtaining second opinions.

How much is

Because we are convinced that this idea makes a lot of sense and can save animal lives, we do this voluntarily and free of charge for you and the vet.


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