Alternative Medicine

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Biological medicine offers a wide range of therapeutic options for chronic diseases. Organotherapy is one of them and offers a good possibility to positively supplement a treatment of conventional medicine, but it can also be successfully used as monotherapy. The principle of organotherapy is a specific support of damaged organs or organ systems. All diseased organs and organ systems ...

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Allergies in our pets

Not only people, but also our pets suffer from allergies. Unfortunately, the proportion of quadrupeds suffering from allergies is increasing significantly and it is often not easy to interpret prevailing symptoms of illness as allergies. Dogs and cats often suffer from itching, recurring ear problems (often only one side) and intestinal diseases. The cause is often an intolerance ...

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Integrative medicine in human and veterinary medicine

For most people, naturopathic treatment is not an alternative to conventional medicine, but an important supplement in the sense of "integrative medicine". In human medicine the demand for integrative medicine is very high, but also in veterinary medicine there is a constantly increasing demand for alternative treatment methods. In Baden-Württemberg, a "Competence Network Integrative Medicine" was already founded in 2017. …

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