Inpatient treatment 24h

If an animal is more seriously ill and is treated by a veterinarian, in certain cases an in-patient stay / in-patient treatment may be necessary.

This is especially true after surgical interventions, when intensive observation and, if necessary, further care or special examinations of the animal are necessary.

Often, continuous drip infusion and intravenous injection therapy is then also carried out as part of the inpatient treatment.

Of course we would like to make the stay of your pet as short and pleasant as possible. The duration of the stay at our ward in Karlsuhe-Durlach depends on the type and course of treatment. Your attending veterinarian will provide you with comprehensive information.

During the stationary stay of your animal with us, visits take place several times a day. During these visits the patients are examined and supplied with medication.

If necessary, blood, X-ray and ultrasound examinations are also carried out.

The animals should feel as comfortable as possible on the station. Therefore, they will be accommodated in boxes appropriate to their size, of course dogs and cats/small animals separately. The models for cats as well as small dogs are made of a special plastic material that provides a pleasant climate and is also easy to clean. Furthermore, these boxes are individually heatable.

The premises in Karlsruhe-Durlach are flooded with daylight and also have underfloor heating.

Of course, the team of the Arndt Small Animal Centre in Karlsruhe-Durlach also takes care of the catering of the patients.

The animals are fed two to three times a day according to their needs and are given fresh water.

Intensive medical care / inpatient treatment by us

If necessary, nutrition is provided by special diets, probes or even by hand.

Of course we will inform you daily about the condition of your pet.

Upon discharge, we will conduct a detailed interview with you.


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