A district with perspective is the Oststadt with twenty thousand inhabitants.

It is bordered in the west by the Linkenheimer Alle, Audenauerring and Kapellenstraße, and in the south by the new Kriegsstraße-Ost. The quality of living has improved considerably in recent years following the renovation work in the districts to the right and left of Durlacher Alle. Between the Durlacher Tor and the Oststadt Ring, the Hardtwald forest and the Südstadt you will find many cultural monuments, which considerably increase the charm and attractiveness of the district. The old architectural styles show a colourful variety of the eastern part of the city next to some newer buildings. A lively and growing world of living and working can be found here like in no other district of Karlsruhe. Many small businesses can be found on the ground floor, under half of the residential buildings, which are typical for the Oststadt, which has also developed into the heart of the technology region in recent years. In the sixteenth century the Oststadt received the Gottesaue Castle, which was rebuilt between 1982 and 1989. Today the Gottesaue Castle serves as the home of the State University of Music. Further sights of the eastern part of Karlsruhe are, among others, Gottesaue Castle, the Old Cemetery, the Karlsruhe Main Cemetery (oldest German park cemetery), various Art Nouveau streets, the KIT Botanical Garden, the Old Slaughterhouse, and the Hoepfner Castle.

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