The Petlig Method ® is a separate development of the Vetlig / Zlig method and is essentially based on the following modifications:

  • By using a more resilient, artificial cruciate ligament from the Novalig ® , we have so far no longer seen any tears in the artificial cruciate ligaments
  • Made with the same medical fibers that are used in human medicine
  • The braided structure of the Novalig ® band promotes tissue growth and maximizes mechanical resistance (demonstrably better than free fibers)
  • the Novalig ® developed with French specialist surgeons and the Vetagro Sup University
  • the Novalig ® tapes are made in France
  • The manufacturer of the Novalig ® band - Novetech - comes with a complete set of instruments specially developed for dogs and cats - particularly important is the aiming device, which enables constantly reproducible drilling of the necessary tunnel
  • The Novalig-Band ® has now been proven in 10 different applications and is not just limited to the Petlig-Method ® (e.g. also for lateral thread reins)
Petlig method

Petlig Method ® - Advantages:

In our opinion, the Petlig method ® , which has been developed from the experience of over 200 Zlig/Vetlig operations in the last two years, has the following advantages compared to the procedures mentioned but also compared to TTA or TPLO:

If you analyze the aforementioned studies on TPLO or TTA, what they all have in common is that the healing of the bone structure - especially around the drill holes but also the screws - is one of the main weak points in the healing process. That's why it was important to us to reduce the use of screws as much as possible and thus enable an even higher probability of success for the patients' chances of recovery. This is done, among other things, through the use of artificial bands with so-called toggling .

Because the Novalig ® tapes in terms of their structure and durability to comparable competing providers with 8000 Nm, the use of these tapes is an important part of the Petlig Method ® .

We also use the so-called inside-out method .

A significant advantage, especially for older animals with bilateral cruciate ligament , is:

With our well-rehearsed team, we operate on both legs at the same time, meaning the animal only has the risk of anesthesia once and the duration of the operation is similar to that of a simple cruciate ligament operation, as two surgeons are on duty at the same time. In contrast, using the TPLO method, this phenomenon would have to be treated in two operations, with 8 weeks of healing time between the two operations. This means double the risk of anesthesia and worse chances of healing for the operated leg, as it cannot bear full weight but also does not receive support from the leg that has not yet been operated on.

bilateral cruciate ligament tears in dogs - operated using the Petlig Method®:

Other application examples of the Novalig tape ® - described in specialist articles:

Lameness of the pelvic limbs - i.e. the dog is over-kicking (a so-called partial plantigradia in connection with crab

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