The city centre is the heart of Karlsruhe and is full of life. Whether you are studying, working, spending your free time, living or shopping in one of the numerous shopping facilities - everyone is served! Administratively, the city centre is divided into an eastern and western area. The Karl-Friedrich-Straße serves as the border.

- Downtown-East -

As the smallest district of Karlsruhe, the City East extends from the market square to Durlacher Tor, from Adenauerring, to Ettlinger Tor and Kapellenstraße. One part of the district - the "Altstadt" and thus the oldest part - corresponds to Klein-Karlsruhe, a former settlement of building craftsmen of the castle area and was incorporated in 1812. The buildings built in Karlsruhe's founding years can still be found in smaller numbers today. After the renovation of the old town in the seventies, the original building fabric of the "Dörfl" disappeared almost completely.

The eastern Kaiserstraße serves as an extension of the actual shopping and service centre in the western half of Karlsruhe and the inner city west. As an eye-catcher and recreation area, the east side of the city center has the Karlsruhe Castle with the adjacent castle park or Hardtwald in the northern part, as well as the University KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

- Downtown West -

The western part of the city centre between Marktplatz and Mühlburger Tor is a business and service centre par excellence. 9,000 people live in this district, 25,000 are employed there in the individual companies. The Kaiserstraße serves as a traditional shopping mile, which is rounded off by the "Postgalerie" at Europaplatz and the Ettlinger Tor Center at Ettlinger Tor. Karlsruhe has been striving longer to expand its inner city shopping and service functions. In 2005, this became reality with the construction of the Ettlinger Tor Center. This part of the city centre is also home to the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Supreme Court. Other public life institutions in this part of the city would be; the Protestant Oberkirchenrat, the Badische Landesmuseum and the Badische Landesbibliothek and the city administration of Karlsruhe with the one at the town hall on the market square.

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