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Computer tomograph VIMAGO™ Pico

We have a computer tomograph / digital volume tomograph of the latest generation of the company VIMAGO. The VIMAGO™ is exactly tailored to the needs of veterinary medicine and not a discarded former CT as is often found in veterinary practices. This can be seen in the user interface, which displays animals instead of human body regions. Our computer tomograph produces 30x higher resolution images than an ordinary 16-line computer tomograph and is between 60% -90% lower in radiation than a comparable computer tomograph.

What does this mean for your pet?

✔ faster and less radiation examination

✔ generates real 3D images, which can then be used, for example, with a 3D printer to prepare complicated bone fractures

Sub-disciplines of veterinary medicine such as orthopedics, cardiology, pulmonology and urology, among others, as well as post-operative checks benefit from its exceptional capabilities. The VIMAGO™ can also do everything any other CT can do.
The VIMAGO™ allows for effective imaging of computed tomography of various body regions such as sinuses and nasal passages, bulla, ear, brain, dentition or spine.

Further advantages of our computer tomograph:

  • Size of the isotropic voxel ≥ 90x90x90 µm
  • enables full-length scans of the patients
  • Warm-up takes less than 3 minutes
  • enables examinations of patients up to 80 kg
  • was developed for diagnostic, interventional and intraoperative use
  • integrated 2D, MPR and 3D imaging
  • Diagnostically advantageous soft tissue contrast
  • software enables cuts of the 3D images on all levels in excellent quality
  • Export of examination results in standard DICOM format

In addition to our in-house experts, we work closely with internationally trained experts in the evaluation of the examination results, so that you will have an optimal examination report in your hands at the end of every CT examination.

Important areas of application for our computer tomograph are

  • Dental x-rays, e.g. FORL in cats - but also dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs can be examined in greater detail by means of computer tomography
  • Diagnosis of tumours and metastases
  • Setting up bone fractures
  • Preoperative planning of fracture treatment
  • Visualization of vessels, bile ducts and gastrointestinal sections with appropriate contrast agents
  • Placement of probes
  • Observation of dynamic processes
    • Heart Movement
    • Swallowing movement (oesophageal view)
  • integrating implant control during the operation (function similar to a C-arm)
  • Biopsies
  • Positioning check before the CT examination

Our VIMAGO™ is in certain areas not only equal to a 64-line computer tomograph in human medicine, but also superior. You can find a comparison here:

Here is an example of a cat tooth CT made with our own computer tomograph:

Cat head CT
Cat head CT

And here is the corresponding 3D printout from our in-house 3D printer:

3D printout CT cat skull
Computer tomograph - CT 3
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