Immer wieder beeindruckend und entsetzlich zugleich - was hat sich der Mensch nur dabei gedacht, die Anatomie des Hundes so zu verändern?! Erst heute haben wir so einen kleinen Bulli an den Atemwegen operiert, aber normale Verhältnisse kann keine Chirurgie der Welt herbeiführen. ????

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Want to know why brachycephalic (short nosed) breeds suffer for their looks? Just compare these x-rays!

1) The difference in the length of the nose is shocking, especially when you realise there is the same amount of internal tissue in both. In the Bulldog it is squashed into that tiny space, making it hard for the air to get through and for the dog to breathe.

2) There is the same amount of skin on the faces of both dogs but in the Bulldog this is all wrinkled together, leaving them prone to painful skin infections between the folds.

3) Look at how deformed the upper jaw of the Bulldog is, this will make it hard to eat properly and cause painful dental disease because the teeth will be so over-crowded

4) On an x-ray, air is black and tissue is white. Compare the difference in the amount of air space at the top of the windpipe. Brachycephalics are severely restricted in this area, this is why they snore and pant so much.

5) The black stripe running down the neck of each dog is the trachea (windpipe). Look how narrow it is for the Bulldog compared to the Labrador. The final insult is when the air finally does get past all the blockages for the snort nosed dog, the diameter of the trachea means it can’t reach the lungs, and deliver vital oxygen, nearly so easily as a more 'normal' breed.

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